About Me

I am an artist who uses domestic craft, particularly knitting to engage with issues, current and historical, that impact on women and their lives. Currently I am recording the Pussy Hat Project and its connection to with the Women’s March of January 21st 2017 in USA

My work often can relate to the life of specific women. ‘Knitted Straitjacket’ is dedicated to Kaitlin Thomas, wife of Dylan Thomas. Pussy Riot Head was made to support the campaign in 2013 for the release of the Punk group Pussy Riot from prison in Russia.

I have a particular interest in the life and work of the Welsh painter, Gwen John.

Originally from Wales I live in West Lancashire and I am a member of Cross Street Arts based in Standish, Wigan.

www.crossstreetarts.com www.facebook.com/CrossStreetArts www.twitter.com/crossstreetarts
Pussy Riot Head
Yarn and polystyrene.
Dimensions variable
Work in response to the theme “Protest”
Oxheys Studios Preston
Image by abstractsofnature.com
Knitted Foetus Doll
Yarn, kapok and ribbon
PAD Gallery Preston
Knitted Strait jacket

Yarn, buckles and kapok
PAD gallery Preston

Dedicated to Kaitlin Thomas, wife of Dylan Thomas

My Knitted Timeline 2005-2006
Yarn and knitting needles
PAD gallery Preston 2006

Knitted Uterus
2010 Yarn and kapok. Dimensions variable
PAD gallery Preston

Shortlisted for Bloomberg new contemporaries 2007